Monday, May 19, 2008

On the road again....

We are a military family. And military families move.

This week we head to our new post in Georgia. The family is pretty excited, but nervous too! There are still some ends to tie up before the movers come and this will be my last post for a while! I can't wait to finally get on the road instead of being in "waiting" mode. So check back in a few weeks when I will chronicle our journey South....and speaking of chronicle, I need to take the kids to see Prince Caspian. Anyone seen it yet???

So tata for now....We'll see ya in the South!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

By Special Request

About a year ago I made my cousin's daughter some framed art for her bedroom. I took the colors she was decorating with and incorporated them into the picture. This was my first attempt at framed art. The results:

My cousin must have liked how it turned out because this year she requested another one for her other daughter. It took some time for me to get over my creative hump, but I finally finished it and sent it off today! So, by special request, here is my attempt at framed art (part 2):

Not bad I'd say... And the best part is, I finished it before our big move! So enjoy! And thanks for stopping by!


Monday, May 12, 2008

And the winner is...

I hope everyone had a pleasant Mother's Day! We went out of town to deliver the kids' gifts and they were a HIT! Everyone loved the candles!

And now on to our winner...By a random drawing from my 3 year old, the winner is.... post #11!!!

Kelly Bee said...

What a cute idea! You're did come up with something clever! Thanks for sharing.

Congratulations Kelly Bee! I have some goodies to send you! But get me your address quick---I am moving soon and need to get them in the mail!!!

Thank you to everyone who posted a comment! I am so happy i could share this project with you!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Forget Stamping...This is WAY better!

So, I had decided to do stamped candles for all the moms in our life. And then I came up with something BETTER! I thought...why not have the kids draw pictures and put those on a candle??? BINGO! I hit jackpot! The kids created some lovely projects for their godmothers. I am so happy I thought of this!!! These are candles from Walmart. I think they are about 6" high and cost around $7. I used the same steps as stamping on candles...but had the kids draw with markers instead!

Tell me what YOU think! Leave a comment and I will send some lucky someone a prize!!! Happy creating!!!!

Note: I will draw a name May check back! I will need an address to send the goodies to!