Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Week in the Life: Day Three

Life is short. Time is not on our side. I often look at this:

and think "there is crafting I should be doing"....then there's that smile.

"Color with me Mommy."

Who am I to say no??? After all....coloring is crafty....Isn't it?


Monday, September 29, 2008

A Week in the Life: Day Two

Mondays. Manic. Hectic. Drag-your-butt-outta-the-bed-after-the-weekend Mondays.

Mondays I volunteer in my son's kindergarten class. Today is cookie day. Every morning he is the first one I wake up for school. It's still dark outside. Time to get up. Time to get up! TIME TO GET UP!

I love this sleepy boy of mine.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Week in the Life: Day One

So my friend Jen is doing this on her blog and I thought I would join too. Right now my life seems rather mundane with volunteering, housework, kids to school, blah blah blah. I am hoping this will make me appreciate the little everyday things and make me feel like I am doing something meaningful, even if I am not being very crafty right now.

So my first life snapshot:Taken with my camera phone on a stretch of road coming back onto post. The kids and I visited dear hubby this evening. He is away at school for 2 weeks. This long stretch of road makes me feel:
Happy (as I listen to the children sing along to the radio)

All on a 20 mile trip.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Finally we are moved in!!!!

After three months of waiting we are finally in our new house with all of our stuff! I am starting to feel like I am officially home. There are still boxes to be unpacked and pictures to be hung, but we are here!

Needless to say, I have had NO creative time yet---so I have decided to share some highlights from our first few months here in Georgia. Let me say that it is HOT and muggy! But it seems to be a nice area of the country and I think we are going to like it here!!!!

Kaylee and Bella's SeaWorld Birthday

About a month after we got to Georgia, my eldest and youngest daughters celebrated a birthday. We decided to treat them to Seaworld...and breakfast with Elmo. Bella was terrified of the characters at first, but warmed up to them just in time to share a pic with the red guy!

Aren't they adorable???

All of the kids had a lot of fun!

Jory's First Fish

The older girls went to Alabama at the end of June to visit Mamaw and Papaw. Jory got some well deserved quality time with mom and dad. We went to the beach and while there Dad took Jory fishing on the pier-his first time ever! Jory just wanted to catch a fish (any fish!) and he did!!! Here is his first catch (a whiting):

Oma and PawPaw's Visit (4th of July)

While the girls were still out of town (two weeks!), Oma and PawPaw came for a visit. Other than the normal Fourth of July activities, we also took them to Savannah to see the city.
We walked all over the historic district and when it was time to eat, we had dinner at the Pirate's House.
We had some really good food and after dinner even got a tour from legendary pirate Capt. Jack Sparrow.
Who needs Disney? This guy was great! And Jory thought he was so cool!!!

The end of summer--School begins

School started back at the beginning of August. The kids got settled in their new surroundings and I finally had a little time to breathe. My dad came for a visit at the end of August-just in time for Labor Day and just in time to see our new house. With all the kids in school I actually got to spend some quality time with dad. We headed to Tybee Island in his Miata convertible and visited the Tybee Lighthouse. Dad convinced me to climb with him to the top and I did- all 178 steps!!! The view was fantastic! I was so glad he suggested this trip. I probably would have never visited the lighthouse otherwise. Now I plan to go back with Michael and all the kids....

So, that was our summer! I hope everyone else's was as fun as ours...maybe when the house is finished I can finally carve out some craft time! Until then......