Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 30: Party Time!!!!

WOOOHOOOO!!!! I made it! And today is party time! Mardi Gras party that is! We are heading out to Tybee for a parade and music and just to hang out at the beach! But before I go, I had to post my 30th project!!!

This Unity butterfly reminded me of a Mardi Gras mask, so that is what I made it! I stamped it in green, yellow and purple and added lots of glittery detail, cut out the "eyes" and voila! Party mask!

I really wanted to put "Celebrate" as the sentiment, but did not have a large enough, or pretty enough font. I decided "friends" was just as appropriate, since withouth the encouragement of friends like you, I may not have made it these last 30 days!

So THANKS!!! time to go whoop it up at the beach!



Chris said...

beautiful card!! have a great time...

Sara Paschal said...

Swimming at the beach, I wanna come :).

Congrats on making the end of the challenge. I have enjoyed your projects.

Jen said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats on making your 30 day! I love the way you made the butterfly into a cleaver!
Hope to talk to you soon!